Beyond the Wall / Más Allá del Muro
a binational puppet party in Ambos Nogales
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The Event

Beyond the Wall: Nogales 2017

Beyond the Wall's first event took place in November 2017 at the US/Mexico border wall in Nogales Sonora/Arizona. Scroll down to read more about the event!

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Art Exhibit

Friday, Nov 24                                         7pm                                                  Museo de Arte de Nogales (Av. Adolfo López Mateos 120, Fundó Legal, Centro, 84000 Nogales

The Museo opened a new exhibition of works from urban artists on both sides of the border, specially commissioned for the Beyond the Wall festival.

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Block Party

Saturday, Nov 25                               10am-4pm                                        Karam Park, Nogales AZ (N. Morley Ave. between W. Park and E. East)

The Beyond the Wall Block Party, organized by Nogales Community Development and Startup Unidos  showcased local artists and small businesses from Nogales, AZ. 

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Saturday, Nov 25                                   4pm - 10pm                                             La Pesqueira, Nogales SON (pedestrian street between Calle B. Juárez and Av. Álvenir Obregón)

The air was filled with music as local bands from the borderlands on both sides of the wall take to the outdoor stage, while artists from Nogales SON showcased their work.

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Puppets at the Border Performance

Flor is fifteen foot tall; she is from Sonora. Toby is fifteen foot tall; he is from Arizona. Flor and Toby will be at the festival looking for more friends who are just like them. If you see them, approach them: maybe you can help them. Toby, Flor, and the rest of their giant friends will go whatever distance is necessary and transcend all kinds of boundaries to unite. Let them guide you and see if it is possible to overcome our frontiers and let our humanity take us Beyond The Wall.                                             (photo credit: Craig Lowy)